DSF Nyheder IPSC IPSC har nu Observer Status i GAISF
IPSC har nu Observer Status i GAISF
Skrevet af Tim Andersen   
Fredag, 01. november 2019 13:51
Dette er første skridt i opnåelse af endeligt medlemskab af GAISF (Global Association of International Sports Federations, red. bem.), som vi i IPSC har arbejdet på i en del år. Fra GAISF website:
The International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) and the International Rafting Federation (IRF) were officially granted observer status by the GAISF Council when it convened earlier this week. Meeting ahead of the 2019 IF Forum, the Council discussed a number of key topics, with the applications of the two new observers high on the agenda.
Practical shooting is a set of shooting sports where competitors must unite the three fundamental principles of precision, power and speed, aiming to score as many points as possible in the shortest amount of time. The IRF is recognised as the world governing body for rafting sport and is responsible for governing international rafting competition at all levels.
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