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The River Meet (Norway) – Nordic IPSC Rifle Championships 2016

The River Meeting 2016 took place in Trondheim, Norway, last weekend. Of course there were participants from TFB there to document the event.

Over 300 competitors traveled far for this competition, which constituted as the Nordic IPSC Rifle Championships for this year.

Competitors came from all over the world, for instance Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Czech, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland and South Africa.

The River Meeting is a competition with true rifle distances, from 5 to 380 meters and very challenging conditions, both in terms of weather and shooting difficulties.

For instance, the wind at the 380 meter station was bugging a lot of people.

Due to the lack of longer rifle ranges in Europe, there are a lot of “rifle” competitions with almost pistol distances.

Even the short stages were very challenging. For instance 3 paper targets at 30 meters, shooting 45 degrees down and 2 targets on the other side of the mountain 200 meters away from an unstable barricade.

And remember: You may be cool.

But not shooting down a swamp, making mountain high geysers in Trondheim-cool.

The website for the River Metting 2016 is here: http://www.therivermeeting.no
First published on The Firearm Blog, reproduced with permission.

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