1. Procedure: According to rule shooters are not allowed to take shortcuts or shoot from outside the demarcated area, so the phrase “within designated area.” should not be in the briefing. We should strive to only write in the briefing the procedure that differs from the “standard”.

The ideal “standard” procedure is  “Procedure: After start signal, engage targets.”

2. Start position: Please remove “relaxed” as the rule 8.2.2 states the normal start position. Where it deviates from this, you might add “as demonstrated by the RO” where needed.

3. Targets names: Please use the proper names for our targets as to appendix B2, B3 and C2, C3, i.e., IPSC Target, IPSC Mini Target, IPSC Popper, IPSC Mini Popper, IPSC Metal Plate and so on. (don’t use example PP1, No-Shoots, Don´t write N/S)

(For stage drawings please use correct target abbreviations on all targets, i.e. T1, MT1, P1, MP1, PL1, etc).

4. Moving targets: If using example swinger, slides etc. etc. indicate what releases the swinger and if visible before or when at rest.

5. Hardcover/Fault lines: Don’t use “walls are hardcover” or “Fault lines extend indefinitely”. This is per definition in our rulebook.

6. Scoring types: Don’t need to use “Scoring method Comstock” anymore as it  is the only scoring method possible.

7. Times: Don’t need to use “Time stops Last shot” anymore as this is the only option

8. IPSC rule book : Don’t need to use (Penalties Per current edition IPSC rulebook) This is the only rule we use.

9. Briefing: That’s what a stage briefing should contain


Stage number:1Long Course 
Targets:12 IPSC targets, 3 IPSC Poppers and 3 IPSC Metal plates.
Rounds to be scored:30
Start position:Heels touching GREEN MARK, as demonstrated by the RO.
Handgun ready condition:Unloaded, magwell and chamber empty, and holstered.
Time starts:Audible signal.
Procedure:On signal engage all targets. P1 activates T8 which will be visible at rest.
Safety angles: Flag to the left and 90 degrees to the right
Additional instructions: 
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